We are Small & Mighty!!

We are Small & Mighty!!

The Fair Event team head to the House of Lords!

What a fantastic start to 2024! On the 18th of January 2024 we had the privilege of being invited by Small Business Britain to attend the House of Lords in London as a celebration of being recognised as a Small and Mighty Businesses of 2023 with a wide range of businesses and the fantastic team from with Xero and Peterborough ARU who have supported us over the past few months.

It was an absolutely fantastic day, celebrating small business success on the bank of the Thames alongside so many other deserving businesses from all over the UK. We spoke with MP Kevin Hollinrake, the Minister for Small Business, Enterprise and Markets and Alexander von Schirmeister MD for Xero about the peeks and troughs of running a small business in Wrexham and how the exciting turn of events has happened over the last few years for a sleepy Welsh Market town then being thrown into the global spotlight with a document airing about the Hollywood takeover and the positives and negatives that can bring for small businesses in the area. It was good that they recognised that not every business piggybacks the success of our home town club, but many businesses in Wrexham have earned success and accolades in their own right.

The sun was shining down on us whilst on the balcony of the House of Lords; However, the weather was a little chilly, but we were enjoying champagne all the same, and it was at that moment we had a great realisation that we were fortunate to be a part of this fantastic group of businesses, that these opportunities to view London from the other side of the river aren’t something that everyone gets to experience. In chatting to other businesses in attendance and the team from Small Business Britain, we all agreed that this is something to be celebrated in itself, just being able to be there surrounded by like-minded people who have all worked incredibly hard on their business journey, too.

As always, with a visit to the House of the Lord, there is cake! This year, it was sponsored by Xero – apparently, the Xero team said counting calories is one of the features they have yet to add to their fantastic accountancy program; therefore – Zero Calories should be counted in eating cake!

Many of the Small businesses we spoke to on the day felt 2023 had been very similar to ours; everyone has noticed a change in spending habits of both consumers and businesses alike and the feeling that businesses have had to adapt to survive, changing how business is being done and evolving with the ever-changing cost of doing business. It was great to hear the minister speaking of their work to lobby for small businesses to be paid by larger businesses on time – not asking for longer terms but just to be paid when agreed to ensure that small businesses survive. But it was also interesting to hear people talk about how Small businesses are just as liable for the chain of payment and how many businesses in the room felt the lobbying should be that we should normalise all businesses paying on time. When requested, we all rely on cash flow regardless of size.

Hearing from Michelle, Founder of Small Business Britain, of all the exciting things coming soon to support Women in Business and Disabled Business owners was genuinely inspiring – Hearing about the importance of the Purple Pound to small businesses and the Lilac report, which has been commissioned. We talked about business owners who are neurodiverse and how it can be a blessing and a curse – I know from personal experience you can creatively draw on your strengths, but you also need to rely on others to fill your skill gaps or those places where you struggle. The key to being a neurodiverse business owner is knowing where your strengths lie and when to ask for help. That was evident in conversations we had with others on that day. It does not hold you back but gives you a competitive edge in your business!

I first met Michelle during a visit to Parliament in 2022 at a Meta event where we were invited to represent small businesses and champion the use of social media in those businesses – We were fortunate to be part of the Meta Small Business Global Committee; we were able to show the real-life impact of social media on business and talk about the implementation of AR and VR within brands as a next level to marketing as a small business. It has been quite a journey we have been on since then – We said it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass to attend the event, and since then, this has been our 3rd visit to London to represent the fantastic work we do in Wrexham with Small Businesses – We are pleased we can help lobby for change and support other businesses on our journey.

We enjoyed every minute of being part of this fabulous event, and we are grateful for the work we get to do alongside these businesses and with Small Business Britan supporting so many of us along the way. We look forward to returning soon in February for another special event where we have successfully achieved the Small Business Sustainability accreditation from the Oxford School of Business with the support of Small Business Britain! Watch out for some more to come on this!

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