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With a range of different sized events to suit all businesses we are your perfect event partner!

We can offer both space only or a fully set up stand space ready for you to just turn up and trade. Our aim is to make events both accessible for all, affordable and cost-effective, but most of all we hope that you enjoy your time with us because work shouldn’t be dull! you love what you do after all!!

Fair Event Management Ltd, 11 – 13 Rhosddu Road, Wrexham,
LL11 1AT

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Here are a few commonly asked that might help before you apply.

Yes, We welcome businesses of all shapes and sizes – let us know when you apply that you are a new business and we can see if we have any additional support available for you.

Yes, we accept alcohol traders. Please note some of our events will require you to apply for a TEN – you will also need to hold a personal licence and be able to provide the number before the event. We do have bars at some of our events, but please note we can’t always accept applications for bars to all our events.

Yes, we welcome applications from traders from all over the UK, some of our events promote welsh language, should you be able to we appreciate if your signs and menus can also be written in Cymraeg in support of this. We do have support available to those businesses wishing to do this.

No, we opperate a fair trade system accross all our events. Each year traders will be invited to apply and we dont gurenttee places for any business to ensure it is a fair system for all. You must apply for each event sepeeratly as each event has different limitations and may not suit your business.

Some events allow for this, but other events we do not allow independent genorators and all power must run through our distribution. Pleaase state on the application form for these events all the power required in watts and what it will be used for.

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