Spooky Photoshoots??

Spooky Photoshoots??

Photoshoot at the fair can be..... Spooky Creepy Fun Artistic Creative

Sometimes, you only need lighting and atmosphere to make your photos look great! Depending on the look and feel you want from your end product would dictate what lighting we would use for you.

We can produce lighting effects for events or photoshoots, giving you atmosphere and ambience. The images in this blog show the simplicity of how you can change the look and feel of an area with lighting. These images were taken during an event evening, where lighting a tree coverage has changed the perspective of what is usually a fun and lively atmosphere to something that has a remote and deserted feel, with a slight spooky take on them too!

This lighting arrangement can be beneficial for Halloween Events and Spooky Trails, quickly changing how the rides look and giving your visitors a different experience.

We often have opportunities for photographers to come and take advantage of these scenes; if you are a photographer and would be interested in using our equipment or events as backdrops for your work, please do speak to the team about our availability throughout the year.

We work alongside event organisers to supply lighting effects and equipment suitable to create the ambience you want for your event; with a wide range of trusses and lights available, our crew can work to your requirements.

So, if you have an upcoming Halloween or themed event and would like to speak to us about what equipment we offer, please message the team. From dark runs to scarefests we have years of experience in supporting this season and all what it can offer.

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