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Fair Event Management Ltd we are a Social Enterprise based in Wrexham, North Wales!

We..... Create Events Support Businesses Provide Fun! Hire you Equipment Push Sustainability Give Opportunities

About Us

Fair Event Management is a social enterprise based in Wrexham, North Wales. We strive to create a platform for all with a new model for events making them creative, sustainable and affordable.

We offer wrap-around support to businesses helping them succeed and grow with us. This business was founded on a gap within the event industry within our area, where events were starting to disappear from our local communities and not growing and supporting the economy around them as they should.

The business is run by small independent business owners who have traded at and created events across the UK. With years of experience behind them, they are in a position to help others grow within the industry and help create events that support the community and create opportunities for people from all backgrounds without discrimination.

Working With Others

Luke Gallager singing at Wrexham Feast 2022 on the Calon FM Stage. Photo By Leon Bowen

We support other groups through partnerships, such as working with Calon FM, our local community radio station. You will often find broadcasting our grassroots artists live across their radio stations or interviewing many traders and visitors about their experiences. Calon FM supports the local community helping to raise awareness on local and national issues whilst supporting grassroots artists and radio volunteers.

The range of people and groups we work alongside is quite vast. We support many forms of Arts and Culture through events, including providing stages for artists and community choirs to perform in front of thousands of people. We also work with our local dance academy Delta which brings their students to dance and often performs segments of their latest performances and pantomimes live at our events.

Since December 2022, we have actively supported over 227 businesses and community groups through our events and received over 30,000 visitors to post Covid events. We continue to grow that number year on year by creating more events across the county, with 2023 planned for 4 new years to add to the calendar!


Daily Post Business awards at Bangor University, North Wales. Community award winner Wrexham Feast. Picture Jason Roberts

We are an award-winning business, receiving the prestigious community awards from the 2022 Daily Post Businesses Awards for our community work with Wrexham Feast. We have also been finalists for the National Startup Awards 2022 – Social Enterprise of the Year, Go Wales Tourism Awards 2022 – Best Event in North Wales and have recently been listed as finalists again for the National Startup Awards 2023 – North Wales Startup of the Year 2023 and Hospitality & Event Startup of the year 2023, We find out in June 2023 how we do!

We work alongside local councils, including Wrexham County Borough Council, Chirk Town Council and Offa Community Council, to help facilitate and support events across the county. As City of Culture grant award winners from Wrexham Council, we supported their bid for City of Culture 2025 by creating 3 events supporting the bid. We are stakeholders in their bid for 2029 and will continue to support them as their bid grows.


Creative & Sustainable Events

As a Social Enterprise our key values are at the core of what we do:

Family focused
Community Lead
Social Impact
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Reviews & Testimonials

Are you interested in working with us? Why not hear what some of our traders have said about their experiences and how they find the events they have attended? Please feel free to speak to any of these traders. They have all given their permission to have their details displayed.

As a fairly experienced trader, who attends events all over the North West & Wales, we can say that Fair Events Management run the best events. Not only are they professional, honest & trustworthy- but they really go the extra mile for everyone, in the most selfless way possible. All of their events are well attended and very much appreciated by the public, thanks to their insistence on keeping the events they run affordable for all, especially during difficult times. Their generosity alone has carried the spirit of Wrexham, and given the people of Wrexham hope, as well as something to look forward to on a regular and consistent basis. As a trader, we are bowled over by their attentiveness at each and every event. They fully consider the trader full trader experience and cater for every detail. They do this, whilst also considering the wider economic situation, with a strong focus on boosting local business, and providing exceptional opportunities for small, local businesses to showcase their produce. We have followed this company from the early stages, and have marvelled at their achievements, generosity, and selfless business ethic, putting people before profit at every chance. Fair Events Management Ltd are nothing short of miraculous and we will support them forever for what they are doing. They are successful because they have stayed true to these values, and they are the champions of North Wales for it. Much admiration and respect - from Mmm…Melts.

Amy & Millie

Policies and Values

We adhere to our policies and values as they are at the heart of what we do. Please see some of those below.

Sustainability – We aim to be environmentally sustainable and as a business, which includes ensuring the legacy and longevity of the event and ensuring we reinvest our profits into our events to allow them to grow and support the communities they are situated in.

Our Waste plan
Our festival waste is collected and processed by a local recycling facility. We aim to reach a recycled percentage of 97% at all our festivals. We ask traders to take any waste oil away and dispose of it correctly; We operate a strict no plastic or polystyrene policy for street food providers and ask that they use products with the lowest environmental impact and recyclable products.

Transport Plan
We ask all visitors to be conscious of their travel plans to the event and promote the use of public transport to visitors from further afield. We have excellent local links via rail and bus, which also eases the pressure of car parking within the areas where the events lie. We encourage local visitors to walk to the event rather than drive.
We are looking at the possibility of shuttle buses or park-and-ride transport links from surrounding areas to see how we can reduce our carbon footprint. Our events are all located near electric vehicle charge points which we can actively promote to visitors.

Use of plastic at our events
We have a no single-use plastics policy for traders / We are still conforming to any COVID restrictions that are in place regarding single-use. We have banned polystyrene packaging from all our events. We ask liquid samples to be in paper pots rather than plastic. We ask that wooden / bamboo cutlery be used instead of plastic. We also request no plastic straws being used.

We aim to have over 97% of all collected waste recycled through an outside partner for all our events. We are always evolving and will constantly see if we can implement new schemes to increase public awareness of recycling. We encourage all food traders to reduce food waste through our food share partnership, which will reduce food waste – We recommend using local schemes for each event. We will look at and search for any local and national recycling initiatives regularly to ensure we are doing our best to tackle this issue.

We aim to meet all the relevant UK legislative and regulatory requirements and agreements regarding environmental issues. We review all our activities and operations regularly to identify, understand all the direct and indirect environmental aspects and effects, and prioritise action to address them. We aim to reduce ecological impact by reducing energy and resource consumption during events.
We always aim to support our suppliers in sustainable practices and raise awareness of environmentally responsible practices locally and nationally.
We try to prevent unnecessary and avoidable travel by promoting public transport and walking where possible and highlighting the added health benefits.

We will always avoid the use of toxic and non-recyclable materials wherever possible – including single-use plastics and polystyrene and always choose the most sustainable option viable within the budget for raw materials or supplies – Where possible, look at purchase rather than hire and be able to reuse other materials and repurpose items.

Where virgin materials are required, use materials from sustainable sources and with lower environmental impact (e.g. FSC certified timber, sustainably sourced fabrics, low VOC paints)

We are always looking to use durable materials which will not end up as waste after a single use. Where possible, we look to extend the life of the items and materials from the project, working within the principle of the ‘Circular Economy’. Reusing and repurposing items and materials from the project imaginatively and creatively wherever possible such as our oil drum bins, Wooden barrel lighting stands and repurposed demo kitchen
We will always support and utilise local suppliers and local storage wherever possible. This is to reduce the Carbon Footprint of transport and help create a sustainable supply chain within the local area.

We understand that using recycled materials reduces the Carbon Footprint of the manufacturer and uses energy-saving electrical technology such as LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.

Equality and diversity

Individuals with different cultures, perspectives and experiences are at the heart of how Fair Event Management Ltd has evolved. We want to work with, support and promote the most talented people, regardless of their background and make the best use of their talents and businesses.

Fair Event Management recognises that being a diverse and inclusive festival organiser helps us fulfil the responsibility to make a difference in our local communities. As a Social Enterprise, this is the core of what we do.

We seek to develop an event environment where everyone is treated as individuals fairly and consistently. We follow the practice of the Equality Act 2010 by promoting a culture of respect and dignity and actively challenging discrimination, should it arise.

We will remove unnecessary barriers for our audience, staff and volunteers where it is physically possible. We will continue to support everyone to demonstrate the principles of diversity and inclusion in their everyday activities, roles and functions.

Fair Event Management understands that equality means breaking down barriers, eliminating discrimination and ensuring equal opportunities and access for all groups in the events and working with us.

We consider diversity to mean celebrating differences and valuing everyone. Each person is an individual with visible and non-visible differences. By respecting this, everyone can feel valued for their contributions, which benefits the individual and the events we produce.

We acknowledge that equality and diversity are not inter-changeable but interdependent.

There can be no equality of opportunity if the difference is not valued and harnessed.

Every person is entitled to an environment that promotes dignity, equality and respect for all. Fair event Management will not tolerate any acts of unlawful or unfair discrimination (including harassment) committed against an employee, contractor, job applicant or visitor because of a protected characteristic:

  • sex
  • gender reassignment;
  • marriage and civil partnership;
  • pregnancy and maternity
  • race (including ethnic origin, colour, nationality and national origin);
  • disability;
  • sexual orientation;
  • religion and or belief;
  • age


Selection for employment, trade space, volunteer, competition winner or visitor, or any other benefit will be based on aptitude and ability. No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated. Suppose you believe you may have suffered discrimination because of the above-protected characteristics. In that case, you should consider the appropriateness and feasibility of attempted informal resolution by discussion in the first instance with the event manager or another person in a relevant position of seniority.

Allegations regarding potential breaches of this policy will be treated in confidence and investigated by the appropriate procedure.

Fair Event Management will ensure that individuals who make such allegations in good faith will not be victimised or treated less favourably by the events team or management.

Types of discrimination

There are various types of discrimination prohibited by this policy. The main types are:

1) Direct discrimination

Direct discrimination occurs when one person is treated less favourably than another because of a protected characteristic in this policy. By way of example, refusing to promote a pregnant employee on the basis that she is shortly due to go on maternity leave would be direct discrimination against the protected characteristic of the employee’s sex.

Other types of direct discrimination are:

  • Associative discrimination is direct discrimination against someone because they associate with another person with a protected characteristic. For example, an employee is discriminated against because their son is disabled.
  • Perceptive discrimination is direct discrimination against individuals because others think they possess a particular protected characteristic. For example, when co-workers believe the individual is gay, it applies even if the person does not have that characteristic.


2) Indirect discrimination

Indirect discrimination occurs when an unjustifiable requirement or condition is applied, which appears to be the same for all, but has a disproportionate, adverse effect on one group of people. This is discrimination even though there was no intention to discriminate. For example, a requirement for UK-based qualifications could disadvantage applicants who have obtained their qualifications outside the UK; this could amount to indirect discrimination based on race.

3) Victimisation

Victimisation is when someone is treated less favourably than others.

For example, victimisation may occur when a visitor is refused entry to an event with an issue stated, yet another person is granted access based on the same relevant issues

4) Harassment

Harassment is “unwanted conduct related to a relevant protected characteristic, which has the purpose or effect of violating an individual’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for that individual.”

It is important to remember that it is not the intention of the harasser but how the recipient perceives their behaviour which determines whether harassment has occurred.

Welsh Language

We are proud of our Welsh-based festivals and events, and where possible, we enhance the experience through the use of the Welsh language. While we understand that promoting the Welsh language is a priority across Wales and within events based here, we try wherever is feasibly possible, but also mindful that North Wales and predominantly Wrexham is a border city. We aim to have signage bilingual and Welsh first where ever is possible within our events.

We asked traders, where possible, to have bilingual signage and to display a Cymraeg sign to indicate that they can converse in Welsh. During our events, where it is possible our compare or critical staff are bilingual and would be able to make addresses to the public in both English and Welsh

We promote Welsh food and drink producers and welsh businesses through the Welsh language as bilingual promotion on our Welsh channels. Some of our events do have Bilingual Social pages.

During our events, we try to have performers and artists that perform in Welsh as part of their performances, promoting local grassroots artists and encouraging Welsh Language use across our events.


Fair Event Management Ltd strives to create events which are accessible by all – Our events are often located within town or city centre sites. When on hard standing, we have entirely disabled access. When within a grassed venue, we have to take further actions to ensure accessibility, including providing scooters; However, in adverse weather conditions, we will endeavour to lay matting where possible, but this isn’t always something that can happen at the event due to site restrictions.

There is always disabled parking within a reasonable distance of the event site and accessible toilets available for use.

We have dementia and autism-trained staff on-site for any additional support throughout our events. We also have a mental health-trained team who can assist with any other needs during our events.

During some events, we can provide mobility aids, but this isn’t always viable. We can, however, signpost you to the nearest facility that can support you. Please let us know in advance of any event if you have additional needs, and we can do our best to ensure we have the facilities on-site for you to use.

We offer fully inclusive events and encourage people to discuss how to improve the facilities we provide.

We provide a quiet area should it be required for both the public and staff, which can be used at any point during our events. You do not need to give us reasoning to use these spaces just let us know you need access, and we can provide it any time. Our events all follow an LGBTQ+ awareness scheme.

We are non-discriminative and offer facilities for all to use without bias.

Promoting healthy eating at our events

We promote healthy eating throughout our events in a variety of ways:

Our Food Festival ensures all the meals that are created in the demo kitchen have a large focus on using healthy ingredients which are easily sourced and the meals are something that needs little skill sets to replicate to be able to create healthy meals.

We provide the recipes where possible in our show programs for our events so dishes can be re-created at home. They are also posted online for people to use at any time.

We ensure we have a range of plant-based and healthy food units, whether street food or retail produce/products, at our events. This also helps to support allergies and free from diets.

We always have a range of Free from and low-calorie meals planned for demo kitchen displays and our cookery sessions at events.

The Feast cookery school – aims to help families create easy healthy meals that can be replicated at home. These sessions are free and support all families.

We have started a recipe collection on our Wrexham Feast website, a free resource to access and download as and when needed. This has recipes submitted by team members, local producers and chefs – over time, this will become a bank of great meals that can be made on a budget and with limited ingredients but also focus on healthy eating in general.

Our goal to help support healthy eating within our communities is to push re-education into food, promote reducing food miles and hopefully help tackle food poverty issues by helping people make their food go further. We will always support businesses at our events in reducing food waste where possible.

We will also promote local and national healthy food projects such as love food/hate waste. We also offer free trade space to businesses and community groups who offer free advice and activities to families at our events.

Helping to increase the opportunity for new and existing micro and small businesses to test trade – Helping them to develop marketing or sales skills and promote local sales opportunities.

We have a great platform across our events for businesses to create local sales opportunities regardless of their business side. We have created a support group within the Wrexham area that will go on to support the Welsh food and drink producers in the area– Wrexham Producers Network.

This has been created to be able to support producers in the local area to give them opportunities to trade or meet potential stockists, but also to give them a feed into the food festival or our other suitable events such as Wrexham Artisan Market to be able to not only network with other local businesses and restaurants but to get in front of a massive crowd of their target local audience through the food festival or other events.

We can help businesses develop and test their products via marketing through our media and website, pushing out to our established network. We also can signpost them to extensive marketing support through the local business support teams we work with closely.

Our team has years of experience as festival traders, working across the UK in varying different event styles. They also have a wealth of knowledge and experience as event managers, and we are well-equipped to advise and support businesses in getting the most from their stands.

As part of our Social Enterprise key goals, we offer free space in our events to trade and in the demonstration kitchen at our food festival to allow businesses to showcase their products to the event audiences. This helps market and demonstrate the benefits of using their product – it allows producers to show their knowledge and passion for what they do.

We also offer space within a quality program at both Wrexham Feast and Chirk Carnival to promote and advertise their products – allowing customers to contact them and purchase products long after the events have happened – we would like the program to have longevity and become a guide for the local area of place to eat and drink not just the event weekend. We also offer Free advertising space to local community groups and support businesses in startups.

Increasing local engagement and offering skills in healthy eating

We aim to increase local skills in healthy eating throughout our events. One of these initiatives is the Feast cookery school which has been created to help people understand and experience how to cook simple and healthy meals. This is done completely free of charge and in a none discriminated way.

We work alongside our local schools and colleges, which include an award-winning culinary school that attends our events and is able to share a wealth of knowledge and experience with the attendees, teaching them valuable skills which can go on to support them and inspire them to cook at home and possibly as a career.

We will actively promote local food groups within the event, such as local food share schemes and incredible edible and community food groups. We will support them when and if they ask.

We also actively promote healthy eating in schools when we engage with them as we would like to contribute to ensuring that the next generation has a healthy relationship with food.

Developing community links and partner organisational engagement

We are a social enterprise founded on the ethics of inclusion and breaking down barriers within the community and business. We are keen to develop strong links within the local communities we work within.

Since our company launched we started with Wrexham Feast, which the profits from this event went on to support and create several local community events – these have included a free-to-trade Artisan market, which was solely for our local small businesses within the area, This event we provided all the gazebos they just need to turn up and trade we covered all the other costings and marketing associated with the event.

We also created the Wrexham Producers Expo, which was a completely free event to support businesses in the food, drink and hospitality industry, this was a business to business trade event which showcased local and regional producers to the Wrexham retail, tourism and hospitality sectors.

  • We have partnered with The Wrexham Enterprise Hub and Town Sq to provide a platform for businesses to gain business support, they will also refer businesses to the food festival if they feel if would be of benefit to the business to be involved with the festival, They also offer to sponsor businesses to help with a financial barrier regularly.
  • We are looking at how to partner with foodshare businesses to reduce any food waste that may be left after the event – If they have products that are perishable that we can get those to those that would benefit the most this would help reduce food waste.
  • We are working to build connections with local community food groups to see how we can support and facilitate their goals through our platforms
  • We look to promote Welsh food businesses and offer sponsorship opportunities for them to get involved with the event even if they can not commit to an in-person obligation such as a trade stand.

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